Spring Raffle Winners
Congratualtions going out to the winner's in today's Spring Raffle Draw
1st Prize  -Don Adams (ticket #0016) winner of a trip for two to Woody Island
2nd Prize  -Roberta Amminson (ticket #0428) winner of a Harbour Front Print
3rd Prize  Bobby Bishop (ticket #0514) winner of a Montana's Gift Card

The seller of the winning ticket is Jonathan Daley Adams

Clothes Recycling Boutique
Is your child or your children growing out of their clothes quickly? Are you always buying new clothes only to have your child grow out of them a few months later? Well let's help each other! Holy Cross has opened its first time ever, Clothes Recycling Boutique. It's only been open for a few days and many students have already gone home with dresses, jeans and tops and all for free!!. So, how can you help us to make this work well? Send into the school all or any gently worn clothes that does not fit your child anymore. We are also accepting scarves, hats, footwear, jewelry, hair buckles, etc. Let us help you by helping us! 


Allergy Alert

Please note that we have students with life threatening allergies to nuts and shellfish.We kindly ask that those products not be brought into the school. As well, we are also a scent free school. ______________________________________________

2012-2013 Annual School Development Report  -please see here


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