Christmas Gift Card Tree Raffle

Congratulations to Ms. Patricia O'Brien winner of the Christmas Gift Card  Tree Raffle. The winning ticket number was 0989. The seller of the winning ticket was Raymond Doyle King and Jonathan Daley Adams sold the most tickets.


Code of Conduct/ Behaviour Matrix 2014-2015

We have updated our code of conduct and behaviour matrix this year as part of our Safe and Caring Schools plan. Paper copies gave been sent home in each report card and we have also placed them on our webpage under school information. From Monday to Friday of this week, teachers will be reviewing this matrix with students.



Now that the winter weather is upon us: A friendly reminder that students are not permitted to throw snowballs on or around school property at any time during the day including lunch time. Snowballs can cause serious injury/damage to pedestrians and motorists.


Power School Parent Portal Usernames and Passwords

These have been sent home in the first term report cards. Please contact the school if you require further assistance. 


Allergy Alert 

Please note that we have students with life threatening allergies to nuts and shellfish.We kindly ask that those products not be brought into the school. As well, we are also a scent free school


Parent PowerSchool Portal

For information on setting up your account on the Parent Portal please visit:

Power School Parent Portal User Guide

PowerSchool Parent Portal

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